New album 'Unbroken'

Emmy nominated British producer, director, composer and screenwriter, steps into her musical alter-ego and announces release of debut album.

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Sarah invites you Back to Blacks to celebrate International Women’s Day 2019

Sarah McGuinness

Chart success for Miss You

Miss You charted in the Upfront Club top 30 last week, but now it's at number 5!

It's been climbing all week and I couldn't be happier to be in such esteemed company.

The Upfront Club is based on the most played tracks in clubs across the UK, so this reaction is even more special as it means DJ's and clubbers are both loving it.

Back to Blacks - LIVE 21st Nov - 8pm

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‘Don't Let Our Love Go’

Sarah's ultimate love song to Soho; the place that she calls ‘home’.

Deliciously rich soulful vocals chisel-out the heartbreak from McGuinness in this divine slice of foot-stomping melodic desperation, from someone who’s tragically kissing goodbye to her beloved Soho.

Don’t Let Our Love Go’  epitomises the heart and soul of the Soho that once was... bubbling, determined and oozing creative charisma.

Taken from her debut album ‘Unbroken’, McGuinness chose to re-record this single-version from scratch, to emphasise the soulful tones and deep rich feelings that prompted the original penning of the song.

Back to Blacks - Edinburgh Fringe 2018


Back to Blacks on 30th April

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International Women's Day 2018

Sarah McGuinness International Women's Day 2018

‘No Tears’

The global video premiere for the new single 'No Tears' was made available on Readers Digest on 27th February!!

The single was officially released on International Women's Day, 8th March 2018.

Catch up with Sarah's Facebook Live video performed from Blacks Club Soho, London on the same day.