New album 'Unbroken'

Emmy nominated British producer, director, composer and screenwriter, steps into her musical alter-ego and announces release of debut album.

Sarah Mc Unroken sleeve

Early Autumn on

Join me on my radio show on Sunday 25th of September at 6pm for a farewell to the Indian Summer and hello to the start of Autumn. From back to work blues to blackberry picking and everything in between. You can also join me on my socials during the show on Facebook!

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Edinburgh Round-Up @

From the Fringe Festival to Trainspotting and Sean Connery…coming at you from the 242radio headquarters, Edinburgh! Join us on the 11th of September at 6pm for a round up of all things Edinburgh themed!

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Summer Sun all hour long on

Please join us for all the holiday tunes, road trip songs and the soundtracks to your summer! on Sunday 3rd July @6pm. xx

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Studio 54 for Pride on

Bring your most sparkly disco dancing outfit to tonight at 6pm tonight for a Studio 54 show for Pride month…

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242Radio and the Jubilee Jamboree

70 years in any job is a bloomin’ good innings! So on Sunday 5th of June we will be celebrating all the Royal songs you can possibly fit into one hour, from Lorde to Oasis and back again via The Sex Pistols and ABBA!

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Very Superstitious on

In the fortnight that brought us another Friday 13th, we’re going to be having a look at some of the best and weirdest superstitions, myths, fables and old wives tales and songs that go with them!

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Ay-Ay-Ayyyyy! It’s the Cinco de Mayo special on

Join me for a Latin party  all the tracks, tequila slammers and general Mexican jollity, don’t miss the show on on Sunday 8th of May!!

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