Soho is a State of Mind

Emmy Nominated Film Director Transports Soho To The Edinburgh Fringe 2018

As the gentrification of Soho sees the vibrant district close its final doors to the creative film industry, Emmy nominated film director and producer, Sarah McGuinness, shrink-wraps the ‘Soho State of Mind’ and brings it to life at the Edinburgh Fringe this August.

For three nights only, from 16 – 18 August, Sarah McGuinness will transport the creative energy and spark of Soho up to the vibrant buzz of the Edinburgh Festival as she links with the famous private members club, Blacks, with her ‘Back To Backs’ broadcast.

Whilst many famous names such as Stephen Fry and Joanna Lumley have all campaigned to ‘Save Soho’, Sarah McGuinness now proves that Soho is a transient state of mind – it’s creativity will never die. Just follow the inspiration to Edinburgh and you’ll find Soho!

Soho is with us if we have the inspiration to hold it’s hand keep it close

For decades, the vibrancy and vivacity of Soho has nurtured the creative exuberance of London’s most energetic film and music industry; a stomping ground well known to filmmaker, Sarah McGuinness. However, over the past few years, the gentrification of Soho has seen the gradual demise of this colourful innovative heartland.

Now, as the film industry slowly closes its doors to make way for residential properties, Sarah realises that the fight is futile – but the spirit will never die. Instead, she will pack Soho into a suitcase and transport it up to the Edinburgh Fringe.

“Soho is a state of mind,” comments Sarah, “for years many have campaigned and fought to save this creative melting pot of Soho, but I’ve realised Soho is a product of the creative people that buzz within it. I didn’t want to just pack up and leave this wonderful part of London, so instead, I’ve decided to bring it with me. Soho is with us if we have the inspiration to hold it’s hand keep it close.”

As well as her 3-night ‘Back To Blacks’ stint in Edinburgh, Sarah also releases the ultimate love song to Soho; the place that she calls ‘home’. Pulling in the soulful expertise of Daptone boss, Gabriel Roth a.k.a Bosco Mann (Amy Winehouse), Sarah releases ‘Don’t Let Our Love Go’ on 24 August, with the intention of making an indelible Louboutin-stilletoed mark on her much-loved movie stomping ground.

Deliciously rich soulful vocals chisel-out the heartbreak from McGuinness in this divine slice of foot-stomping melodic desperation, from a film director/producer who’s tragically kissing goodbye to her beloved Soho. But far from being somber and melancholy, ‘Don’t Let Our Love Go’ epitomises the heart and soul of the Soho that once was… bubbling, determined and oozing creative charisma.

Taken from her debut album ‘Unbroken’, Sarah chose to re-record this single-version from scratch, to emphasise the soulful tones and deep rich feelings that prompted the original penning of the song. She also recruited the soulful expertise of Daptone label boss, Gabriel Roth. With his idiosyncratic recording techniques, Roth worked with Sarah to ensure that ‘Don’t Let Our Love Go’ remained as raw and authentic as possible.

Sarah's fans will also know that no McGuinness recording flies solo; there’s always a poignant hard-hitting cinematic-quality piece of art to accompany her vocal executions – ‘Don’t Let Our Love Go’ is no exception. Shot in Soho, the video is a time-travel experience through the aged-veins of this once ‘pounding’ heart of London. Playing the part of ‘Soho Energy’, Sarah seductively struts through Soho waving her electric musical energy, which works to connect everyone she encounters.

The video traverses the ages of the ever-diminishing Soho, from the 17th Century rake, the 1980’s romantic and the Warhol 60s and Velvet Underground, right through to the present day…..every era plays a part within this visual masterpiece. A seasoned film director, Sarah wanted ‘Don’t Let Our Love Go’ to be a tip of the hat to Soho which connected her to her creative passion; a place where people could once find their tribe and defy convention.

Soho Is A State of Mind – don’t let it die, bring it with you!!