Sarah McGuinness Debut Chat Show on Radio 242

The wit, humour and compelling conversation of Sarah’s global entertainment show, Back To Blacks, has caught the attention of station bosses at Radio 242, who have signed Sarah for her own chat show.  Debuting with her ‘Bad Valentines’ show on Sunday 14 February, Sarah will indulge listeners with music and chat that most of us pine for on Valentine’s Day; a slightly less saccharine induced serving of reality.

Shunning the boxes of chocs and cliché roses, Sarah plays her alternative choice of Valentine’s Day songs,  for those realistic in love, rather than smitten.  The conversation will be quick witted and the humour will be straight from the hip – Sarah McGuinness at her absolute best.

The show goes live on Radio 242 at 6pm on Sunday 14 February, and on catch up on Radio 242