Sarah invites you Back to Blacks to celebrate International Women’s Day 2019

International singer/songwriter, Sarah McGuinness invites you all to her free live global music webcast at 8pm (GMT) on Friday 8 March 2019, in support of International Women’s Day and the ‘#BalanceforBetter’ campaign.

As a woman within the film and music industry, Sarah McGuinness has always fought for a fairly balanced work-place, and often she’s succeeded. As Sarah presents her Back To Blacks ‘Balance for Better’ Special live broadcast, she brings together inspiring and talented women from across the industry, who’ll be speaking out for ‘balance’ in life.

Streaming live through Facebook, join the live free global gig at 8pm (GMT) 8 March:

Sarah on Facebook

As an Emmy nominated movie director/producer, Sarah McGuinness is a woman who’s spent her entire career within an industry which is now pushing for gender equality and a perfect balance in the workplace.

Meet you there – 8pm on Friday 8 March