MyFizzyPop Christmas Countdown and ‘Christmas Everyday’

Huge Thanks to Paul Reynolds at MyFizzyPop for his (very) kind words about 'Christmas Everyday' that has been re-released this year. Links to watch our "cheeky little video" or buy the single are below.

Sarah delivers her message with a dollop of contagious enthusiasm, a healthy infusion of enchanting whimsy and a rather splendid glaze of festive magic; all wrapped up in shimmering percussive grooves and radiant melodies.

Sarah’s voice brings out the sense of wonder in the song and sprinkles the irrepressible hook with a lilting boost, that leaves the listener with an endorphin boost the size of the Rockefeller Centre Christmas tree.

And as if all this wasn’t delightful enough, Ms McGuinness raises a visual glass of festive cheer via a cheeky little video which sees her romp through iconic chorus moments from all your favourite Christmas songs.  Now that really is a cause for no more sad songs and only happy sing-alongs!’